FDA’s Latest Testosterone Bashing Proven Bogus… TWICE

From Dr Mark Stengler’s House Calls Newsletter, 20 March 2015


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It’s always fun watching the FDA fall flat on its face, and it happens all the time – but it doesn’t always happen out in public for everyone to see.

But last week, the agency took a spectacular tumble in full view of the entire world.

Just one day after issuing a new warning on testosterone – just one day after claiming that hormone supplements could pose heart risks in men – two new studies proved just the opposite.

Both studies found no statistical increase in the risk of heart problems, and one of them even found no difference in the risk of heart attack, stroke and death.

Yes, on Tuesday, the FDA issued a warning claiming testosterone is dangerous. On Wednesday, it’s proven wrong . . . TWICE.

It’s almost funny, but this is no laughing matter – because the two studies proving testosterone is safe didn’t get the big headlines. The FDA’s warning, on the other hand, did. It was seen by millions of American men, including many who may need testosterone therapy and perhaps won’t get it now because of the warning.

These men will needlessly suffer from conditions such as low energy, weight gain, depression and sexual dysfunction.

Even worse, some of them may die – because testosterone therapy isn’t only safe for the heart, in some cases it could be absolutely essential to your very survival.

One study last year found testosterone therapy can cut the risk of heart attack by 30 percent in men who are at risk for cardiac problems. And just a few months ago, a major study found testosterone therapy can reduce the risk of heart attack and even death.

Low testosterone becomes increasingly common as we get older. If you’re past middle age yourself, there’s a good chance your own hormone levels have dropped – especially if you’ve been suffering from weight gain, low energy, mood disorders and erectile dysfunction.

In some cases, you can boost your levels with supplements. In others, you may need natural bioidentical hormones.

A holistic doctor can run a simple test to determine what your levels are and then help you decide the best way to increase them if necessary

The Studies:

Effect Of Testosterone Therapy On Adverse Cardiovascular Events Among Men: A Meta-Analysis, presented on 15 March 2015 at the American College of Cardiology’s 64th Annual Scientific Session in San Diego.


Effects of Testosterone Supplement Therapy on Cardiovascular Outcomes in Men with Low Testosterone, presented on 14 March 2015 at the American College of Cardiology’s 64th Annual Scientific Session in San Diego.




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