These are major resources which contain a wealth of material about bioidentical hormone replacement and desiccated thyroid therapies. Please feel free to suggest others we should add to this page.

  • The Bioidentical Hormone Initiative

A community of physicians who are dedicated to the treatment of age-related endocrine dysfunction with bioidentical hormones and other evidence-based integrative therapies. Our experience, based on the successful treatment of tens-of-thousands of patients and backed by extensive clinical and scientific research, proves the effectiveness of these therapies.

This site contains many useful links to seminars and articles.

  • Dr Colin Holloway

Many interesting articles and links.

  • The International Hormone Society

This site contains lots of valuable information and references to other useful sites.

The society aims to make the public aware of the importance and availability of doctors specializing in the medical science of hormone deficiencies or excesses and in the medicine of aging. The second goal is to work within the medical community to bring the “medicine of aging” to a more prominent level of utilization in the various medical specialties.

  • Dr Sarah Myhill

Dr Myhill, Secretary of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, a medical organisation which has its own scientific journal and bi-annual scientific meetings at the Royal College of General Practitioners, was hounded by the General Medical Council in UK over her approach to medicine for years but eventually won.

Her website contains useful information on many conditions including thyroid issues. In particular see Thyroid – the correct prescribing of thyroid hormones

  • Professional Compounding Centers of America

A useful introduction to compounded hormone replacement therapy. It makes the point – again – that each woman’s body is different and has its own unique needs, but commercially manufactured products tend to be “one-size-fits-all,” and do not always account for the differences between individuals. The same applies to men, not all men are the same – different men need different amounts of testosterone to help address their individual symptoms. The value of hormone replacement through pharmacy compounding is its ability to fit your unique body and hormone levels, resulting in better accuracy and a healthier balance.

  • Dr Bill Reeder

This New Zealand doctor’s website contains useful and interesting information on various health issues. He defines his type of practice as “Integrative Medcine”, about which he states:

Biomedical Medicine, Integrative Medicine therefore should ‘integrate’ with mainstream pharmaceutical treatment. Some prefer to use natural based therapies as first line prevention or treatment. Certain medical disorders however are without doubt better managed with drug treatments as prime treatment.

  • Dr Uzzi Reiss

There is a wealth of interesting, useful and often hidden information on this doctor’s website, with many reerences to peer reviewed journals.

  • Mary Shomon

Mary Shomon is a patient advocate who has written much on thyroid disease and ways of dealing with it. Start at:

  • Stop The Thyroid Madness

A valuable resource covering problems and successes with various treatments.

  • Thyroid Change

ThyroidChange is a registered nonprofit patient organization dedicated to improving the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease through a physician-patient cooperative approach. Our supporters agree that current guidelines leave too many patients suffering. 

 ThyroidChange . . . [is] dedicated to the collaboration between patients and doctors for innovation in diagnostic measures and personalized thyroid hormone replacement therapies

The site contains many valuable resources for patients and doctors, including links to various organisations, support groups and peer reviewed journals.

They are running a petition entitled Patients with Thyroid Dysfunction Demand Better Care, which is sent to over 30+ medical associations worldwide.

  •  Thyroid UK

A useful resource site dealing with all aspects of thyroid disease, which includes a list of addresses where desiccated thyroid can be obtained in the UK.