HCS has received some queries about the confidentiality of patient records.

While the current debate revolves around aesthetic procedures, HCS is wondering why the same permission was not requested from patients using BHRT and Natural Desiccated Thyroid before, unknown to them, their records were examined and they were contacted by the Ministry of Health.

This was the original article about the new ruling by Salma Khalik in “The Straits Times”.


People who want to undergo liposuction to improve their looks must also agree to be interviewed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on the outcome of the procedure. This requirement has both doctors and patients up in arms.

Meanwhile, the ministry told The Straits Times that it has interviewed more than 500 patients who have had aesthetic treatments, and “so far, MOH has not needed to proceed beyond the initial interview”.

The ministry has been clamping down on aesthetic treatments recently. From March, all liposuction procedures have had to be done in hospitals or clinics approved for day surgery, removing two in three clinics that had been offering the service.

Read the whole article at:…/just-had-liposuction-moh-may-…

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