Why is BHRT available in Hong Kong, India, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, South Africa . . . but under threat in Singapore?

Hormone Choice Singapore has been thinking about the possibilities for us and other people in the region to get access to our therapy overseas. The centres below are just a few that we came across.

However, we keep coming back to the question, why are these supposedly non-evidence based treatments freely available in all these other extremely well-regulated countries but under threat here?

If Singapore refuses to help us, and other patients in the region, we do have other places to go to but we say that with great frustration – and sadness. Singapore is supposed to be “a state of the art” medical centre.

  • Dr Susan Jamieson – Hong Kong – in the 90s, she pioneered the use of bio-identical hormones in women in Hong Kong.   “. . . unwanted side effects were the most common cause of women stopping HRT, however the newer “natural” bio-identical progesterones used in natural or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) fortunately appear to cause none of these symptoms!” 


  • Dr. Deepak Anjana Chaturvedi – Mumbai, India – a Physician Endocrinologist, Diabetologist, Antiaging Specialist and Bariatrician based in Mumbai with clientele from all over the globe. “It’s not about one’s calendar age. It’s all about the productive and active age. Bio Identical hormone replacement therapy improves the productive age and hence is an important tool in the field of antiaging.”


  • Dr. Chiaki Kawashima – Tokyo“we use hormones which have identical chemical structures to indigenous hormones and therefore potential side-effects are greatly reduced or entirely absent.”


  • Dr Cabot Clinics – across Australia“The doctors and naturopaths at our clinic have been pioneers in the use of natural bio-identical hormones – we have used them for over 20 years. These natural hormones are wonderful for your skin, energy levels and your sex life. They can also help to overcome fibromyalgia and mood disorders.”


  • Dr Don MacGeachy – Queensland – has been using bio-Identical hormones since 1998. He is considered a leader in this field and has a wealth of experience relating to this topic. “It has always made sense that if we could tailor the hormonal dose to each individual woman by performing blood tests and prescribing the exact bio-identical molecule in correct dosage this would be the most appropriate way to treat menopause and pre-menopause.”


  • Dr Graeme Williams – Sunshine Coast“The art of clinical medicine including detailed history and careful examination, together with lots of communication and compassion is necessary.”


  • Your Health, Leaders in Integrative Medicine – across Australia“Natural Hormone Replacement uses various doses of natural oestrogens (oestriol, oestradiol, oestrone), progesterone, DHEA and testosterone as determined by prior testing for blood levels of the relevant hormones. Often progesterone is indicated in many cases due to oestrogen dominant symptoms and conditions. The aim is to achieve normal physiological levels of these hormones in the right balance for optimum health.”


  • Bumrungrad Hospital – Bangkok, Thailand“Hormone replacement refers to the use of bio-identical hormones that are chemically identical to those produced in a woman’s body. Replacement of estrogen is always done in combination with progesterone, and both have the same effect as natural ones.”


  • Bangkok Hospital – Phuket, Thailand – Royal Hormone Programme The hormone replacement therapies (HRT) at Bangkok Royal Life Anti-Aging Center use only bioidentical hormones, which are synthesized to be identical to the indigenous hormones of the human body. With close follow-up examinations and individualized hormone control, our hormone replacement therapies are of the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.”


  •  Dr Wan Julia Sham Ariffin MD – Allied Healthcare group – Malaysia“She specializes in Bio-Identical Hormones Replacement Therapy, Cell Therapy, Obesity and Fitness. Her main interest is Hormone Modulations, Wellness and Age Management.”


  • Society for Advancement of Hormone & Healthy Aging Medicine Malaysia  – “Conventional medicine treats diseases with patented medicines which is actually a downstream medicine. Healthy Aging Medicine is an upstream medicine where the focus is on prevention, early detection and treatment of age related dysfunction which adds ‘LIFE TO YEARS AND YEARS TO LIFE’.”


  • Society of Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine Malaysia – affiliated with A4M to “Maintain a position stand on Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine in Ministry of Health in the usage of bioidentical hormones to be allowed only to registered medical practitioners and to be listed under the medical speciality and not to be classified under Traditional and Complementary Medicine.”


  • Dr Jean-Pierre Naim – Geneva – one of the most celebrated international experts in the field of anti-aging “has published numerous works dealing with anti-aging medicine and more particularly on the protocols allowing for the boosting of longevity, on hormone replacement therapy, on the use of bio-identical hormones for aging men and women and on the protocols of telomerase.”

http://www.medecine-generale- anti-age.ch/en/introduction

  • Dr. med. Rudolph Weber – Wiesbaden, Germany“We are one of the first gynecological offices in Germany to offer individualized management of perimenopause and menopause symptoms and other hormonal disorders by natural / bioidentical hormones.”


  •  Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Doctors – Clinics Across Canada “Bio identical hormones are extracted from plant sources like soy and wild yams. They possess a molecular structure that is identical or “bio identical” to the hormones produced by our bodies. This is why they will not produce the unwanted side effects caused by synthetic hormones, nor do they increase the risk of any kind of cancer. On the contrary, they are extremely beneficial to the female body undergoing menopause because they provide relief from the uncomfortable symptoms experienced at this stage.”



  • The Compounding Pharmacy of SA – “It’s important that hormone replacement therapy is overseen by a doctor specialising in individual hormone restoration, as each person’s response to hormone treatment is unique. Hormone replacement therapy should follow a customised approach, based on each particular patient’s needs and health concerns. Individual hormone levels can be balanced safely and effectively by using bioidentical hormones customised to each person’s particular requirements.”




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