Dr. Mehmet Oz Got It Right About Thyroid Disease on ABC’s Good Morning America

Thyroid patient advocate Mary Shoman, who has  previously criticised Dr Oz for lack of clarity on thyroid issues, now feels he deserves some credit.


One of the valid statements he made, so often overlooked by doctors confronted with hypothyroidism but understood by every hypothyroid patient, is that, “When we tell you your thyroid hormone is normal, we’re really misleading you. Because what we really need to do is find out if you have any of the symptoms I mentioned. If you’ve got symptoms, even if the blood tests come back looking like you’re borderline okay, we still might want to treat you more aggressively. It’s a very important point to make. Unlike other blood tests, it’s a matter of symptom management, not about getting the right blood tests.”

(Bolding by HCS)

Hopefully such thinking will become de rigeur in Singapore, though, sadly, it does not seem promising at the moment.

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