Adrenal Exhaustion

Many people being treated for low thyroid continue to have symptoms. This may be because they have concurrent low adrenal function, an issue frequently overlooked by doctors who are not aware of this connection. Indeed adrenal fatigue is perhaps the commonest cause of secondary low thyroid function,  hypothyroidism caused by a malfunction elsewhere in the body.

Treating low thyroid without treating adrenal fatigue can be dangerous. The weak adrenal system will not be able to cope with the extra energy output of the thyroid and this situation may lead to a complete break down of the adrenal system. Thus when treating the thyroid it is vital to ensure that the adrenal hormones are also balanced. Many bioidentical hormone options are available for this.

See The Adrenal Fatigue Solution, Fawne Hansen, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

The following article is an informative account of adrenal exhaustion.

The Mail Online, Wellbeing, 30 November 2014, Lucy Fry, Don’t go for the crash and burn


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