The surprising cause of falls and how to avoid broken bones

Exerpt from Dr Frank Shallenberger’s Second Opinion Health Alert Volume 12, Issue 92,  3 August 2015  Email communication (Bolding by HCS)

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In essence, the bad thing about falling is not the falling itself, but the possible fracture that might happen and the inability to get up again. Most of us have had a fall at some point in our lives. But as long as we didn’t break anything and could get up and keep going, it just isn’t that big of a problem. So here are two additional things you can do that will make the biggest difference of all.

One, make sure you are taking a combination of bio-identical hormone therapy and a supplement to strengthen your bones and prevent a fracture. There is nothing anywhere close to the efficacy of bio-identical hormone therapy and the right nutritional supplements to keep your bones strong as you age. To do this, you will need a doctor versed in bio-identical hormone replacement. Fortunately, more and more doctors are getting trained in this incredibly important therapy.

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How frustrating that “this incredibly important therapy” is under threat in Singapore . . .

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