Thyroid lab tests – Statement by Dr J. C. Lowe

There is no credible scientific evidence that the use of thyroid lab tests improve patients’ symptoms or their health. On the other hand, we have ample scientific evidence that the tests don’t.

The problem with the tests is this: Conventional thyroid specialists arbitrarily decided that the aim of treatment for hypothyroidism should be to get the patient’s lab test results right where the doctors prefer them to be. If the lab test results are where the doctor prefers them, then the doctor pronounces the patient well. The conventional doctor does this with total disregard for whether the patient is still ill or not with hypothyroid symptoms. If the patient complains about continuing illness, which most do, the doctor dismisses the continuing illness as a feature of some other undetermined mysterious disorder. Hence, thanks to the conventional thyroid speciality, we have widespread “new diseases” such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and ME.

This conventional medical approach to the “care” of the hypothyroid patient is not scientifically derived. Instead, it is merely an arbitrary convention of doctors. It is based on a combination of erroneous study conclusions and financial incentives from various companies that profit from the widespread use of the mainstream medical protocol. The main companies are ones that produce and market thyroxine and TSH test assays.

The thyroid specialty has imposed this pernicious medical protocol on practicing doctors and their patients. The imposition has resulted in a worldwide public health crisis. Scores of millions of people remain ill because of it, and incalculable numbers of people die prematurely from it, either from cardiovascular disease or suicide.

Some courageous physicians, such as Dr. Barry Peatfield and Dr. David Derry, have become prominent from getting hundreds of patients well by using more rational, nonconventional approaches to thyroid hormone therapy. But the thyroid specialty has deprived thyroid patients of these doctors. It has done so by using regulatory agencies such as the General Medical Council to end these doctors medical practices. This has left the doctors patients without effective care. Many of them have had no choice but to travel from the United Kingdom to the United States for effective treatment through our Center for Metabolic Health—an expensive inconvenience made necessary by the tyrannical power politics of the British thyroid specialty.

It is morally imperative that the false beliefs of the thyroid specialty about the treatment of hypothyroidism be promptly rectified.

Dr John C. Lowe
Board Certified: American Academy of Pain Management
Director of Research: Fibromyalgia Research Foundation
180030th Street, Suite 217-A, Boulder, Colorado 80301 USA

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