Inside Health – Conflicted Medicine – BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 recently ran a series of three broadcasts entitled Inside Health, each 28 minutes long, which may be of relevance in Singapore.

  • Programme One, first broadcast 12 August 2014 – Conflicted Medicine: Pharmaceuticals¬†

Are conflicts of interest in medicine out of control and undermining public trust, or an over-hyped concern? Dr Mark Porter investigates the hidden influences affecting your health.

  • Programme Two, first broadcast 19 August 2014 – Conflicted Medicine: Specialists & GPs

Dr Mark Porter examines the hidden conflicts of interest that may affect how your GP or specialist treats you. He discovers that the advice patient groups give you is also not immune to the influences of organisations such as pharmaceutical companies.

  • Programme Three, first broadcast¬† 26 August 2014 – Conflicted Medicine: Public Health Campaigns

Dr Mark Porter examines how powerful lobbying groups like the food and alcohol industries steer public health policy in the direction that suits them most.


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