Malaysia set to become a destination of excellence in preventative medicine

Dr Duncan Carmichael MBChB (SA) MRCGP(UK) is one of the foremost experts  in various facets of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.

In this blog he describes his visit to University College Sedaya International (UCSI) in Kuala Lumpur. He believes Malaysia is set develop ahead of other countries  in the field of preventative medicine.

I was most fortunate to be invited to UCSI University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as their guest international speaker for 3 days last week. UCSI is South East Asia’s biggest Anti-aging university program and the only university in the world that I have come across that offers a post graduate degree in aesthetic medicine, anti-aging hormone medicine and regenerative stem cell medicine. These are the 3 growing fields in Anti-aging medicine, but to receive advanced tuition on all 3 in the same program is unique.

Unlike much of the rest of the world, Malaysia does not seem to have been affected by recession and on the back of tourism and oil money, the economy and property market is continuing to boom. There is a cosmopolitan society of Malaysians, Chinese, Indians, Iranians, and Europeans. The country is mainly Muslim but the other religions of Hindu and Christianity are progressively accepted and everyone seems to live harmoniously together despite recent election disgruntlements.
Beggars are rare as the government rehouses them and the only downside of a prosperous nation is a growing obesity rate and a delicious selection of international restaurants.

I was asked to give 3 days of lectures on topics ranging from the theories of aging, to adrenal fatigue and bio-identical hormones. We went through the theory and plenty of case studies and the class of 40 post graduate doctors easily picked up the concepts of healthy hormone balancing over the 3 days.

They have other growing programs of cardiac stem cell research, drinking-water toxin assessments and genetic testing programs that are all developing fast. Where other countries are putting barriers in the way of this important preventative medical field, Malaysia is embracing it under academic guidelines. My prediction is that Malaysia is set to become a destination of excellence in this growing field of health medicine.

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