Letters to the press: Let consumers make the choice

Let consumers make the choice, 8 May 2014,  Catherine Cook


This letter again discusses the enormous benefits experienced by a patient using bioidentical and natural desiccated thyroid hormones. The letter was edited before publication, removing the references to the failure of osteoporosis drugs and the description of the writer’s integrative practitioner in Singapore. The writer has allowed us to post the original below.

Please give us back our bio-identical hormones

Dear Editor

Like many others, I am extremely upset that I can no longer receive my bio-identical thyroid and other hormone treatment in Singapore.

I have been hypothyroid for 20 years. I took synthetic thyroxine initially but never felt well. I was thus delighted to find, in Singapore, as in other developed countries, a Western medical doctor practicing integrative, functional medicine, to prescribe desiccated thyroid and do the necessary regular tests and resultant dosage adjustments. This treatment provides not only the T4 hormone that synthetic drugs provide, but also all other compounds produced by the thyroid, which some people cannot produce from T4. It was the only treatment some years ago, and is still frequently used in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia.

To alleviate menopause symptoms I took synthetic estrogen but suffered more. I am particularly concerned about osteoporosis but, wary of side effects, I refused to take drugs for osteoporosis. My “intuition” proved correct. US drug companies have recently had to make huge payouts to compensate for some serious consequences of these. After much research, I decided to take natural progesterone, getting my supplies from overseas without medical supervision but feeling much better. When the first compounding pharmacy opened in Singapore I benefitted immensely from being medically supervised with a prescription finely tuned for my body, and adapted for my body at different times, if circumstances changed. As I understand it, unlike synthetic hormones, bio-identical hormones have exactly the same composition as those produced by the body and are a perfect fit for cell receptors. This treatment has been wonderful. My health, and consequently my quality of life, has been excellent with no side effects.

The argument is that “there is no scientific evidence” for bio-identical hormones. Obviously, since they are natural and cannot be patented, money will not be spent on research, while drug companies try to suppress this increasingly widely used treatment. There was “science” behind the much touted drugs for osteoporosis but taking them has proved disastrous for many. Can we not look instead at the results of treatment, at the way patients feel?

Yes, bio-identical hormones carry some risks but so does every single drug. Please let me choose which risks to take. I will now have to get my treatment overseas, at huge inconvenience and cost.

I beg the MoH to give us back our treatment of choice.


Catherine Cook (Ms)





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